Discovering Wu Guanzhong

Wu Guanzhong masterpiece

I just discovered a few days ago the artisti Wu Guanzhong, and he is following me through some of the art spaces I have visited so far. Last week I was walking around the Redtory, which is known as Art and Design Factory in the city of Guangzhou, it holds international cultural exchange activities, art exhibitions and seminars. At this moment, they have this great exhibition ” Wu Guanzhong Enters Redtory”, an exhibition in memory of this chinese artist.

Wu Guanzhong (1919-2010) is The twentieth century chinese artist, besides his outstanding paintings, Mr.Wu is also known as an excellent writer…but his unmistakable style makes his artwork so unique, his landscapes in oils, his black and white mixture characteristic of Chinese art, his defence of abstraction along all his life. He used to say “dont be afraid of abstract art, because it is all around us in nature – in the design of the trellis in a garden pavilion, in the shadow of the bamboo leaves on a white wall… The line that connects the painted image to the real thing can never be broken.”

In some aspects Mr. Wu reminds me to the catalan artist Antonio Tapies, who passed away last month, two great avant garde painters that will remain in our memories. Personally I admire firstly their genuine and personal style, but secondly their capacity to keep on believing in themselves even when the social and political circumstances were not prepared for it. Specially nowadays it is difficult to remind us to believe in our work, in our passion as we want to get rewarded immediately.

Mr.Wu was a remarkable artist and generous man, he donated some of his works even before he passed out, and some of it you can nowadays visit at the Hong Kong Museum of Art, which is holding an exhibition till April 2012 “Painting-Dance-Music”.

Exhibition Wu Guangzhong

I also found some interesting links about Wu Guanzhong:


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