Inspiration comes when you not expect

These days I got stucked with my writing, and such days are frustrating, when you don’t get any inspiration at all, not that I am a good writer, it’s just a couple of months that I started this blog!  But still its my personal small writing project that I want to keep on doing and not giving up so soon. So I gave myself some time out from my laptop, coffee and routine,  its necessary to get some distance to get new fresh ideas.

To distract myself and get some motivation to start writing, I went for a walk to the city centre. It’s just a couple of months that I settle down in Shenzhen and I can still discover every time new spots that makes me like China day by day a bit more.

So on of my secret corners, has been OCT Contemporary Art Terminal, when you get off the metro station Quiaocheng East, then take Exit A and walk just a few minutes you will see the entrance to OCT Loft, it’s a bit tricky to get there. That would be Shenzhen Art District, you can see some old warehouse buildings with lots of potential to become great exhibition centres, but still a long way to go, with most of them empty and abandoned. I would love to work in a place like that…

Walking a long the area, I came across some nice coffee shops and noodle bars, but I couldnt believe when I entered a book store, called Old Heaven, full of books, mostly chinese art, arquitecture and design books but if you dig around  you can actually find some english ones.

And on top of an old vintage sofa, thousands of english novels, specially selected for Mary Higgins novel fans!

But the great revelation came when I passed a little round door to the extraordinary magic café book store, with full of vintage chinese and western style decoration. Immediately I thought that’s the perfect place to chill and start writing, bookshelves full of antique and modern literature, an excellent coffee and  some nice home-made cakes with chinese traditional music coming from an old record player makes it;s a unique place if you are bored from Starbucks and mainstream coffee houses. So unexpected and revealing makes it much more interesting, specially things I used to consider ordinary in my previous lifestyle in Barcelona.

At the end of the day, I thought I can write some lines about this little café book store that inspired me to start writing again in my blog. It was a great idea to get out of my daily world, see what it’s outside waiting for me.

But I also believe that the most important quality a writer has to have is persistence, continue writing and focus on what you want to write about. A bit of talent is also very helpful, but keep believing in yourself if this is the path you want to choose.  This thought can be put in to practice for anything in our lives not only writing. The couple that runs this café believed in its project…and now you can see its an extraordinary place to be where you meet with regular clients and friends.

I have happily made it to the end…I wrote my new post,and already have some ideas for my next one.


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