Illusion of a sometimes dangerous reality

Some days ago I came across a picture of a man with his head embedded in the ground and with the rest of his body upside down in a stiff position, to me he seemed a human rocket. I am talking about the Beijing contemporary artist, Li Wei, known in the art scene for his risky and brave performance art photographer where he creates a dangerous exposure in front of a camara.  But unbelievable his montages are not a result of using Photoshop, it’s nearly true, he is using props such as mirrors, metal wires, scaffolding and acrobatics to get his work done and the audience astonishment.

Have a look at one of his shooting… I got shaky legs when I saw in the video both guys standing on the edge of a building and  just hold by a wire. By watching it try not to feel vertigo and get unstable, it looks so dangerous, and still the result is a picture that won’t let you remain indifferent.  Sometimes I doubt if it is possible without photoshop retouch, but after seen this video, it confirmed that its real stuff!

Wei considers his works as a combination of various arts, such as performance, photography and videos, even his work is defined as Performance art, he keeps thinking that performance is not his destination.

His first works were related to tell stories with a mirror, it’s called the mirror project. The reality seen through the image reflected in a mirror, the world, the kind of truth that humans professes to conceives as his own. The first time I saw the video I experimented a humours reaction and start laughing. But at the second time I watched it, I found that it is an exceptional performance and thought maybe he wants to create a metaphor between the real and unreal world we see through our eyes, at the end both reactions are fine and have good purposes, so just enjoy!

In Li Weis work you can find urban spaces but no-one can imagine to find the perspective of gravity he sees in it. He makes as think that what we perceive it’s an illusion, a bizarre world of an artist that likes to do stunts. You can find some more works by Li Wei at his website

More information you can also find at: (biography)


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