Upcoming Thai Contemporary Art

Last time I went to Thailand, and not only to get a sunbathing relaxing weekend, I actually was more interested in visiting some little Art Galleries, as the one I found in Phuket Town. It’s so nice to walk around a little town of not more than 60.000 people, belive me, when you live in a city which has almost 20.000.000 like Shenzhen, the small city size and easygoing life style is a blessing!

I have heard from friends and some Art websites that Thais Art  is getting more valuable, specially since the price rise and popularity of the Chinese Contemporary Art. New markets have to be explored, such as Indonesia and Vietnam Art scene, also I would include Thailand, to be honest I saw some interesting works at Phuket 346 Gallery  I liked it very much!

One of the emerging artist was Kwanchai Lichaikul his exhibition called Ideal City, it’s a series of paintings and drawings inspired by todays society and community. The city is presented through a bird eyes view, to have an overall  panorama with different people doing different things and way of life. His work has a mixture of drama and chaos feeling but at the same time the fine lines, and comic

Recently Kwanchai was involved with the 50th years anniversary Amnistia International guide Stand together for human rights.

Nice work, keep doing like that…

To add some colour contrast in this post, and after browsing the Internet looking for more interesting Thai Artists I came across Kamin Lertchaiprasert, he is a reputed Contemporary Artist born in Thailand and  lived around the world from Europe to USA. It’s worth to read his biography as it is very complete no life detail is missing, written in a funny bullet points style.

He presents his new work before birth after death till 31st of May at the  Numthong GalleryBangkok. It showcases a selection of collages from his journal which have been enlarged and transformed into large-scale paintings.

If you have a chance to go to Thailand, you shouldn’t miss to see the skulls paintings


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