Lets have some ballet…

Yesterday I posted some incredible beautiful photos about first twentieth century ballet dancers, and… What a coincidence, today I came across this announcement; Tamara Rojo, a spanish well-known ballet dancer which lives and works in London becomes the new english national ballet director! What a great surprise, I am so happy for her, and proud that Spain for a while  is seen Internationally  from another angle, leaving social and economical bad times on a side.

I am proud and tremendous happy for prima ballerina Tamara Rojo, I always liked her and followed her steps. Since 1997 part of the English National Ballet, in 2005 she won the most prestigious Art award in Spain, so called Prince of Asturias Art Awards. She is the vivid example of how hard work, consistence and never, never giving up personality got a deserved reward. She says that her most important aim in life, and for what she came to London, is to dance, only dance… more than 12 hours of rehearsal couldn’t stop her passion.

In some ways I feel so close to her story, she was born in Canada from Spanish parents, came to Spain to start dancing with Victor Ullate ballet company,  left Spain for a not rejectable dancing position at the Scottish Ballet. Tamara’s story is more and more common in Spain, talented people leave in search for a better opportunity, chances to get what you want outside your country are higher than staying and just waiting at your parents house.

I see both sides of the coin, from one side you can gain life experience, go beyond your fears and just try it, it will be much harder than back home but that’s the life challenge you have to go for, you can think if it doesn’t work out I can always return home, but if it works…you need to discover!

On the other hand when people leave their home country for a  professional opportunity, I believe that when time passes the return is getting more and more difficult, specially when you get a better chance, appreciation and recognition outside your home borders.

That’s what I am now experimenting, I am living and working in China, came searching for a professional opportunity, in Spain during two years no real job opportunity found …still I don’t give up and hope for Spain better times, hope to return one day,…but for now I am here.

Sorry but the video is only available in spanish language, it is a personal interview to Tamara Rojo.


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    Tamara Rojo a person full of strength…

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