Chinese, a both sides brain activity

Since February I am studying Chinese (hanyu), and as I already speak other languages…I thought chinese would not make a difference and difficult.

Holy Cow! It is more demanding and time consuming than I thought…, it takes both sides of your brain to understand and learn Chinese. At the moment I am in a beginner advanced level, and still feel very confused with phonetics, struggle with characters or hànzi and their de-codification, and try daily to get use to the simple sentence construction.

The importance when learning Chinese is not to get easily frustrated and keep learning…most of my friends started and left it a couple of months later.

Some times I can feel the desperation, but when this happens, I believe that for a better culture exchange I need some basic language knowledge. For me the hardest to memorise are characters, unlike letters, it uses a logographic system characters are made up of strokes, lines and dots…it is a very artistic way of communication.

For instance, lets take the character made of the radical  (tree) and (table) , which together means machine, one turns the wood of a tree with a machine into a table, it is obvious!  Some chinese characters have interesting stories behind that help you remember, identify pronunciation and meaning.

I found some interesting tools for a better, faster and less complicated way to practise your Chinese:

Hope that these links are useful and  you get to enjoy more your Chinese study!


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  1. Berta

    Chatina… qué calladito lo tenías, eh? 🙂
    Un besito!

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