OCT Loft Art District Shenzhen

Some time ago I added a post talking about the amazing bookshop I found in OCT Loft, now I want to talk about the walls that comprise this Art District situated in Shenzhen, my hometown for now.

In Shenzhen its very rare to find creative art work, one of the main reasons for that I believe it’s because the city is only around 30 years old.  In the past this place was  full of small fishing villages with less than 300.000 people…and nowadays it’s a mega huge city with a population of over 15.000.000.

The most active art district in Shenzhen is OCT Loft an old warehouse and factory area that now serves as an exhibition center for mostly contemporary artists. Still now most of the spaces are empty and in some upper windows you can see some art work linen on windows. When I first saw it, I visualised how much potential each corner of it could offer and how little it was done. In Europe, actually if we had such an enormous place for creation and exhibition art we would never keep it either empty or still. There are a few things that gives you a sense of art, such as it’s awesome coloured walls, I would love to try some  Graffiti there..

Street art shenzhen

I really enjoy being at this place because it gives me some sense of being at home. Barcelona, my hometown for the past 6 years,  is a very vivid city with lots of artistic and cultural representations, night and day you can find music, art and any amusement for different tastes . I really miss that…

Mural OCT

Anyway, Shenzhen is starting slowly to have some artistic insights, but there is still a long way to go. Hopefully, I will stay some time here to see it grow and be able to help to rise up a sense for contemporary art.


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