Beyond skin color

beyond skin color

beyond skin color

Thousand of color ranges can define thousands of emotions, moods and different sense stimulus  …but when it comes to people’s skin color, we summarise the wide color combinations in three basic ones: black, yellow and white.

A few days ago my Taiwanese friend refered to me as “caucasian“…and then I started hearing it over and over. I had to ask her…Why do you use this term…she didn’t had a specific reason, but she had heard it first from another friend that refers to white people as caucasian.

After our conversation I looked it up at the powerful answer machine called Internet…wikipedia, dictionaries…even Yale University to find the origin of the issue.

First conclusions; a bunch of incoherent, silly and absolutely xenophobic websites with some scary videos on how to save (white) heritage 😦

So I decided to stop…and do my own conclusions, here we go…

– People use the word caucasian as a synonym for white people…, that’s the first mistake, sorry but my skin is rosy not pale white, people are colorblind or what?

– Literally refers to people from the Caucasus Mountain region of the Middle East, which I seriously doubt asian people know where this region is…even for me, its hard to tell…let’s have a look at google map.

– The terminology is used as a definition of the white race = white people, so what about the black race and yellow race? OMG…sounds much as racist :-/

– …if I am considered a Caucasian because of my white skin so are Greeks, Chechens and Polish but surely they are not the same in the eyes of God or Allah!

– Hey wait! I found the person responsible for all this mess…Mister Johann Friedrich Blumenbach, in 1779 he did a race classification:

…Johann was a german psychologist, it looks like germans always wanted to divide humans!

– Not to mention …Western People that’s another term I have listen mainly by Europeans…so does it mean that West starts in India…and ends in America?! Just saying, but a description based on a cardinal point …depends where you are, isn’t it?

Anyway, as more as I read as more confused I get.

Now, my personal proposal for everybody “stop contributing labeling people by their skin color”…  NO MORE caucasian for me!

Let’s face it, we are millions of people on earth… with lots of differences but also things that unites us, for instance, my Taiwanese friend and I, both love Yoga.

Thanks to Technology we are experimenting a globalized World, but still miles away to reach unconditional respect towards different cultures. At the end…there is one simple thing I belive can link us, feelings.

Don’t miss this amazing project 7 million others

Check this video about the book Invention of the white race

And most important…take it with humor, no matter what culture, race or color you belong to.


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