Mom, I want to be an artist

These days I was thinking what made me like Arts and being attracted to it… Instantly some memories rise up; been 7 or 8 years old, painting, self-contained, using pastels, pencils and acrylics…even collage to build a colorful story on paper. My most vivid memory of a painting is a jungle scene with my name letters cut out of cardboard, hidden behind palms, tigers and elephant shapes. It makes me smile when I think about it, a shame that it’s at my parents house, would love to show a picture on this post…maybe some time later.

The feeling of starting an art project, putting into paper an idea on my mind, adding colors, and step by step giving a shape till I got the end picture…showing my parents and eventually get a smile. Although the process of creation was the most fun!


Believe it or not,  but creating art from a naïf perspective, almost untouched mind setting, having a huge amount of imagination and creativity flowing through your veins with less technique and more motivation is the most glorious time of creation. I see it at the Kids Art Studio…children’s imagination is endless.

Afterwards, my interest into art became threatened by school education, homework, social and family expectations. My parents convinced me to do a “productive” study path which lead me to do a BA in Marketing. This wasn’t my dream career, and just after working quiet some time and realizing how unfulfilled my life was without a spark of Art, I started to change it.  Saved some money and took the chance to do a Master degree in Arts Management. Slowly gaining confidence as an art curator, and eventually artist. Although, I prefer not to label myself artist, realizing how important it is to pursue ones dream, recently I am teaching Arts and Crafts for Kids…and it is one of the most rewarding jobs I ever had.

So coming back to the title of this post…I came across a very inspirational documentary, that past Sunday won the Academy Award (best known as Oscars) for Best Short Documentary.

inocente art

The story is based on a 15-year-old girl who being for almost all her life homeless she keeps living her dream of being an artist. Inocente, its called by the  talented artists name. Mainly it tells her personal story on how not to surrender her dreams despite the difficult life circumstances. Also considering the fact that it’s the first documentary financed partially by crowd funding that wins an Oscar, when most of the films presented are millionaire productions and a massive spectacle of waste and glam.

Thanks Inocente to show that sometimes less is more, and to be able to make your dream come true with no need of an immense amount of money, but a big portion of excitement and self-belief.

Her circumstances do not define her. Her dreams do.


Also you can purchase it at iTunesand watch the film.


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