cut, cut, cut a piece of paper art

Paper cutting that’s my topic for this week…, you probably know this situation when you have something in your mind, then start looking for it, researching and getting excited and… Voilà, many fantastic websites, links and videos come up. NOW everything is about paper cutting art! Believe it or not, yeah…I am in the right place, China, were paper cutting was invented. Unfortunately most of the workshops are held in chinese (of course, I need to remind myself, I am in China), and sadly also applications are closed for this time.

So, I decided to get on with this and give it a try…definitely it’s hard work, you need plenty of time and patience! After finishing my first project, I could feel the consequences of being an amateur, my shoulder and neck was aching due to my bad posture! Keep an eye on that.

papercut heart

That was it, my first try…its OK! A bit messy where still can see the pencil lines (which I actually like), that means I still need to improve a looooot. But the most important aim was to have fun which I did. Mission accomplished!

For those interested, find below a compilation of some amazing paper cutting artists, interesting tutorials and links that can inspire you.

Some artists:

Elsa Mora

Elsa Mora

Bovey Lee Studio

bovey lee studio

Andre Martin

Andrea Martin

One of my favourite: Rob Ryan

mr rob studio

100 extraordinary examples of paper art

Pinterest boards

Pinterest paper creation board


Elsa Mora rabbit tutorial

practise sheet by Elsa Mora

Devianart tutorial



papercraft museum

A cool online comic done with collage+paper cut by YU+ME

Enjoy cutting!



  1. Thanks for including my tutorial!

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