Liu Bolin camouflage


It’s hard to see him, although he is an acclaimed artist in China and beyond, a very well-known artist that day in day out is chasing the dream to be invisible. Liu Bolin, born in Shandong Province China, assures that his influence is mostly from European and Soviet Russia aesthetics. Although he is trained at Central Academy of Fine Arts of Shandong and mentored by the renowned artist Sui Jianguo. He also belongs to the artists that could start study arts at the beginning of the Cultural Revolution and rapidly acquired international prestige with his first Solo Exhibition Hiding in the City. But, his path was not that easy,  Liu had to face up to the government pressures and started from scratch again many times that he says, is the only way to survive in modern China.


His work combines performance art, photography, and protest all represented in Liu Bolin invisibility, he can be hidden in the city, in a wall, in a supermarket. You might think, he is a Mutant taken out of a Marvel Comic series such as the X-Men team. That’s his elaborated and detailed mise-en-scene is about, without the use of Photoshop, everything looks effortless. His eye-catching photographs are very well selected, the viewer gets confused between the background and his shape, it’s perfectly merged in to the picture. This days you can see some of his work of the series “Camouflages urbains” at the Foundation space squirrel in ToulouseHe can be anywhere just note well!


If you want to see how he magically disappears on the scene…have a look at the video.



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