Yang Yong Liang: traditional Chinese arts meets new media

Almost a year later, Yan Yong Liang again comes across my live, this chinese artist has really stolen my heart. Yang, who now lives and works in Shanghai, studied traditional Chinese painting and calligraphy, and attended the China Academy of Art. He is very well-known all over the art stage, from Taiwan, Korea to Germany, France and US. Back to China, this time to Hong Kong, he will be doing a solo-exhibition from the 19th of April at Schoeni Art Gallery…can’t wait to see him!

The most fascinating about his artistic expression is how he combines the inherently contemporary mediums such as photography and new medias with traditional Chinese calligraphy and painting.

” use the newest technique to work with one of the oldest art forms”

At this time in Schoeni Art Gallery he presents his latest work Moonlit Metropolis, one more time his main subject is the city, it’s rapidly urbanism and economic development and ,on the contrary, the cultural and social regression due to the loss of traditional landscapes.

moonlit metropolis by Yang Yong Liang

the moonlight

One of his artistic badge is his mountainous compositions that are reminiscent of Song Dynasty landscape, taken from Shan Shui paintings

resource: mymodernmet

Born in the same year as me, but just at the other side of the globe. Today he lives in Shanghai, one of the most populated city in the world. His concern about where the drastic changes of the economic growth of the city are going to lead…no one knows…pollution and last March 12.000 dead pigs found at  Huangpu River, are facts that should worry everybody.

Have a look how his painted photographs turn into life …


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