Toy Stories from around the world

Couldn’t wait to post this…looking into the west again, an italian photographer, Gabriele Galimberti relates the story of Toys from different children around the world.

A series of photos with a unique motif, children favourite toys. Although there is a lot more behind…looking deeper into the social perspective, the author says  “ The richest children were more possessive. At the beginning, they wouldn’t want me to touch their toys, and I would need more time before they would let me play with them.In poor countries, it was much easier. Even if they only had two or three toys, they didn’t really care. In Africa, the kids would mostly play with their friends outside.”


The fact that children are what they see at home and the models they follow makes sense when Gabriele Galimberti mentions about “Doing this, I learnt more about the parents than I did about the kids.”

Definitely it’s a cool project! It shows how kids play depending on the social context, how caring they are about their toys. YES! there are plenty of culture differences and even so kids from completely different parts of the world are applying the same playing behavior …once more, there are more similarities than we want to admit in human race.





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