telling stories (part 2)

my little friends

When I am on my desk, tipping on my laptop having one eye on the screen and the other one on my little creatures team and how they are watching me. It is funny to remember when I made them I actually thought of a story… that kids changed and made them their own.

Lately being interested in the science and practice of telling stories, has made this the reason for my second post on this topic.  It is said that a good story teller has mostly an innate virtue, but as in any thing in life, I believe there are a few people who have success thanks to talent…most of  successful people have a big portion of work and some talent. As me, as probably you…we need to work on it! That’s the reason why I listed a few interesting points, in case you want to be a better story teller.

  • You CAN! There is not such thing as I can’t…try to remember an important moment in your life that changed your carrer, your residency, your boyfriend/girlfriend. Start writing it down…and ask yourself: What happened before, after and what was the result?
  • Why do we tell stories? Is one of the most powerful communication tools, they contain a message, there are easy to remember, they can show psychological features of a person…cause they involve emotions,right?!
  • What happened? The plot is the core essence of our story, it must be interesting, attractive, gripping, readers need to feel engaged…what I mean to be honest is Not Be Boring!
  • Who are the main characters in your story? The characters and the plot gives the right feeling to the readers, it brings emphatic feeling, it makes readers to step on their characters feet…and be immersed in the story. Be as good as a screenwriter
  • Open your eyes and start observing everything around you. Have a small notebook where you can jot down what you see, how you feel…anything interesting that you might use later. How people behave in certain situations, what kind of decisions are people doing and why, and try to look deeper, not only the obvious, going beyond stereotypes, these are dull and boring.

We all love stories, and they are everywhere…books, paintings, music, lyrics. Finally, our life is a looooong living story that we are building day by day, which is more exciting cause we do not know yet the ending! Now, here, today in this blog I am telling my story  (or at least trying to) … I am taking the opportunity to mention about my story corner, where I will keep writing stories, hope to see you there!

Now some music…


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