Try it…draw yourself


Back on track…sorry for my absence! I have some new cool Kids Art stories to share with you, for example, how good my students tried the self-portrait drawing. It was one more time a fascinating journey for me and them, and at the end they liked it more than expected, and the results are some good work you can see here.

We used a mirror to look at ourselves, our sketchbooks, a pencils and rubbers. Let’s start…

I told them to look at themselves for a couple of minutes (kids are between 4 to 6 years old, so they cannot concentrate for long period of time). Each of them told me at least, one different face feature they see if compared to other students. They can emphasize their differences in their drawings as something funny and unique.

Also to give kids some ideas I showed them some famous artist self-portraits, such as Henri RousseauVincent van Goh, Frida Kahlo, Andy Warhol just to mention a few.




Very useful website for this activity is:

For my personal inspiration, and maybe for yours too, have a look at this cool project artforsmallhands. A website that explains in detail how to do a self-portrait lesson, thanks to Julie Voigt, who shares her art teaching experience. Thanks!

A good introductory video for sketching in Youtube.

I particularly had lot’s of fun with the kids, discovering how they see themselves. Since we are talking about self-portraits and how we look at ourselves,  I came across an interesting promotional video, but most important is how it expresses sincerity, the way people (in this case women)see themselves. Most of the time we sense just one part of our image, usually a not so friendly rather negative look…but we are more beautiful than we think. More information about it here.


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