My Art Basel Hong Kong review


Back to blogging after a couple of hectic weeks…but hopefully I might delight you with some interesting news from this site of the world. This past week Art Basel disembarked in Hong Kong, Art Basel Hong Kong 2013, one of the most acclaimed and prestigious art fairs nowadays. It’s a platform for well stablished galleries, but also for some new comers with refreshing concepts from Asia, Europe and America.

Unfortunately for people who have to work it was difficult to assist most of the scheduled activities. The fair was hold from thursday to sunday, I could only enjoy the venue on the last day.Anyway, better then nothing!

It was also refreshing to see lot of young parents going to see the fair with their little ones. Definetely something I would do in a near future…  take kids to see art, FUN-tastic! Let them explore the different ways people express artistically, how every time you can see the world around you with new eyes. Adults should learn from kid’s art interpretation. It keeps us (adults) with one foot in naif kids world.

With only one day, I tried my best to see as much art as possible, and here some of the artists/ galleries that captured my attention.

1) Either you think it is a big meteorite, a tornado or more likely a bacteria seen from a microscope. The chinese artist is Ling Pui Sze from Guangdong, but living and working now in Hong Kong. She stated in an interview to that her work is mixed media.

“Most recently, I did collages using xuan paper (宣紙) … I printed (cross-section) images of cells onto them before doing the collage. For another project, I used a combination of wax and ink, rocks and wood (for textural contrast)… mummified cicadas.”


2) A painting that inevitable for its color combination and motive reminds me to a military aircraft.

Artist: indonesian artist Yunizar  who lives and works in Lives in Yogyakarta, Indonesia.


Sesuatu (Something), 2012
Signed and dated; signed, titled and dated on the reverse
Acrylic on canvas
180 x 200 cm. (70 7/8 x 78 3/4 in.)

3) Very cool sculpture…guess what’s made of?! Yeees! a multitude of straws displayed in different angles and sizes…Bravo!

Italian artist Francesca Pasquali, she lives and works between Bologna and Bresci.


4) First picture title “the days”(year 2010,  a bedroom in Puxin, Yangmei city,) Taiwan and followed by ” the last days” (a year later in 2011, same bedroom in Puxin, Yangmei city, Taiwan) a taiwanese artist, Yeh Wei-Li collaborates with Chi-Wen Gallery project “Dreams and Realities: visions from Taiwan and Cuba of a Post Cold-War World.”

Yeh Wei-Li

Yeh Wei-Li

5) Casa Triāngulo, Brasil had some interesting work on display, such as Sandra Cinto brasilian multi-media artist whose work has been shown internationally, her sea landscape with elegant waves painted in acrylic have a romantic approach, it reminds me of The Great Wave off Kanagawa.



6) Some bright and dynamic colors added by  Casa Triāngulo with brasialian artist Mariana Palma. The colors and motives awaked my desire to scuba dive again, imagining myself under water enjoying a beautiful coral reef view.


It was a great experience which I would love to repeat  next year again. Will also come back ASAP with one more post about Art Baset Hong Kong…as I still have some more pics and amazing artist to show. Check it out soon…


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