teacher, let’s cook!

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This semester at my little art studio I proposed to add some cooking classes, thought it could be an appealing idea for kids and parents to give the little ones some healthy eating habits by doing it themselves.

Let’s get on with it…here some of my “little chef” lesson plan ideas:

Topic: Fruity rainbow

Week 1: Fruit salad

– Preparation of PPT slides to show and learn fruit names, which part of the world and how they grow (palm trees, cheery trees…)

– Fruit song: Fruit salad song by the wiggles. EPIC!

– Preparation of simple fruit salad with bananas, apples, oranges and grapes (depending on the season you can find different fruits that are fresh and local).

Week 2: Fruit sticks with dark- chocolate fondue

Preparation of PPT with fruit healthy qualities, such as Banana nutrition facts and how it helps the body in a fast recovering energy that’s the reason some tennis players eat Bananas during a match.

Fruit lesson plan

Week 3: Pineapple-lemon- ginger smoothie (optional honey)

Fruits can be eaten or drank, this week is about doing own smoothie creation. Present to the kids 3-4 different types of fruits which they can choose up to 3 to make a delicious smoothie combination. Fruits can be: pineapple, lemon, pear, mango…and you can add some ginger, honey or cinnamon to flavor it. OMG it sounds soooo mouth-watering!

Fruit video: some years back I discovered the annoying orange videos …have a look at the Orange Nya Nya Style (Gangam Style version), she can be really annoying sometimes!!!

Tried the smoothie myself in Thailand…so delicious!


Week 4: Mango popsicle ice-cream

For this one, you should prepare them before the lesson, so that the kids can get them frozen and ready to eat at the end of the class.

– Preparation of PPT about animals that eat fruits and other species, also called Frugivore, birds eat fruit…etc.


Bunny eating salad

Galapagos tortoise enjoying a watermelon

Hamster eating strawberry

Week 5: Banana gluten-free bread

Not to mention that you can bake fruit and get lots of its health benefits out of it. I love to do at home my apple cinnamon sauce, it is an easy and healthy way to sweeten your morning toast/ cereals with no extra sugar.

For the Banana bread there are many good ideas on Pinterest. My favorite recipe is from the healthy chef.

At the end of the five weeks lesson plan, if there is some time left we can do an art work related to fruits, maybe a painting of a tree with a variety of fruits on it, or a fruit real life drawing session …or maybe a fruity inspired box made of earthenware clay.

Will let you know, what’s gone be…please do not hesitate to leave your comment with some ideas or suggestions.

That’s it for today, it’s almost 4pm and time for some afternoon snack…maybe, some fruit?!


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