Hello 2014!


Last year is over, we made it!!! 2013 flew away and brought so many new experiences and knowledge. If I have to make a rapid flashback, actually I managed to do many things that people do or decide in a much longer spam of time.

In my list of accomplished things are:

  1. Got married-  last year I started reaffirming my love to the person who has been by my side for the past seven years, we finally said YES I DO.
  2. Well-traveled- our honeymoon started at one of the seven world wonders, Machu Pichu, and along the year I went to Philippines, Japan, Thailand, Myanmar and Taiwan.


3. Started teaching arts – one of my dreams became true to teach arts and crafts to kids, I have so much fun and learn daily something new from the little one’s.

4. Did Yoga TTC 200hrs– accomplished my first TTC in Yoga and met extraordinary people who guided me and showed me new lifestyles.


5. Committed to Meditation- start serious meditation and went to a Vipassana Meditation Center in Myanmar, where I discovered the importance of “less is more”.

6. Taught voluntary English to kids, enjoyed their enthusiasm, smiles and thankful looks.

schoolboy7. Started working in a yoga studio and teaching private to friends, having fun and enjoying every minute about.

8. Met Sarah Powers, a Yin-Yoga teacher that I follow since I started Yoga, and always wished to meet her. DONE!

9. Saw Mount Fuji and climbed just in front of it, meditated and was blessed for the quiet and powerful energy this mountain spreads.


10.  Leant compassion and kindness- two of my keywords for this year, especially after the typhoon Haiyan in the Philippines, it destroyed many family homes and more than 6.000 people lost their life.

But, coming back to my last point, two attitudes someone can cultivate daily with small actions, helping people who are close and not as far as in a third world country. Since I am living in China, an over-populated country where it is hardly impossible to be alone and quiet for five seconds, a place that challenges you everyday to practice compassion or kindness. However just by doing small actions like smiling, saying “good morning” on the lift, holding the door for someone who comes behind, or offering your seat on the bus to a person who needs it more than you, can help to make the world a more pleasant place to live. These are the small things that change our closest community.

When I see on Facebook, one of the most used platforms to expose your believes and thoughts, all the positive messages which are nice and inspiring, I also ask myself how much of it is true. Actually, how many people who publish this ideas stick to them and really go ahead and do it for real?

Anyway, my purpose for this year is to gain more compassion, kindness and wisdom, to be surrounded by beloved people, carrying for those who have less affection, opportunities and clarity. My aim is not to be as good as Mother Theresa, but as good as Claudia can be, keeping the door open for those who need help and support. I invite you to put a little grain of compassion in your life and you will see positive changes in the people surrounding you and consequently in yourself.

Can’t wait for my next year’s list, and one of my aims for 2014 is to feel thankful and blessed no matter what comes.


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