Asian Contemporary Sculpture, part.1

it’s time to come back…back to Art, back to blogging. Lately I got inspired by different Chinese, Taiwanese and Japanese sculpture artists. Some impressive structures with powerful messages, and other small pieces with delicate and surreal forms transformed into ceramic shaped sculptures. Artist that make from the impossible the possible through sculpture and materials such as porcelain and metallic.

Johnson Tsang (Taiwan)

Delicate hand porcelain and carvings to shape dynamic forms, his solo-exhibition is named “living clay” and no doubt it’s artwork looks very much alive. The way he works with a solid material in a way that it’s fluidity captivates the sear, every splash seems randomly integrated but the result is sophisticated.

Splash of wonder, 124x38x18cm Porcelain, pinching, coil building, throwing 2011


kiss of eternity, 2009, porcelain


Li Chen (China)  an international recognized Chinese artist started exhibiting his art in Taiwan and progressively showed in New York, Chicago, London, Singapore, Geneva…etc. His esthetics are marked by his believes in Buddhism and Taoism. When observing Li Chen’s artwork one cannot help to be attracted to his black smooth textures and flowing round lines perfectly matched with its heavy sculpture just suspended by its foot as the artwork shown below.

Lord of Wind, 2008


sky, 2012

His most recent work “Eternity and Commoner” exploring again two dualities, the grandiosity big and strong sculpture however has a  fragile fractured look that glimpses the vulnerability of the material due to the pass of time. Eternity is a significant concept in Buddhism, life is eternal, is the mystic law.

Tomohiro Inaba (Japan)

A very different artist is Tomohiro Inaba, he uses steel wires to create his artwork, his delicate but perfectly arranged wires gives his sculptures a look of fading away. He is a young artist that just finished his graduate studies in 2010 but already with a variety of artworks in his portfolio. His passion for steel and the combination with solid mass to organized iron wires create an airy and dynamic appearance to his sculptures. Keep an eye on him!

星たちの約束 (2011) 1800×100×1500


The Shenzhen Sculpture Biennale started on 16th of May until 31st of August, Shenzhen OCAT holds he 8th edition with former Tate modern and Tate Britain curator Marko Daniel, a man who has promoted the art scene in Shenzhen since 2012.

For any Shenzhener or person that is planning a trip to Hong Kong or the Pearl River Zone ( an extensive River system in Southern China) should pass by the site and don’t miss the opportunity to taste some contemporary art creations. Another chance to visit the OCT Contemporary Art Terminal OCAT located in a privileged warehouse district where apart from exhibition centers, museums you can delight yourself with good restaurants, bars and charming coffee shops.

Will promise not to leave you unattended and come back with some feedback from Shenzhen Sculpture Biennale.


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