morning rush

My cell phone alarm is ringing already for more than 20 minutes, hitting snooze every five minutes until I feel that it’s absolutely time to get up. Reluctantly I open my eyelashes, with the right eye I see the time 7.34 am …damn it, so late!


Immediately I open both eyes, jump out of bed as if someone has pinched me, hurry up you cannot afford to be late again, I say. Run to my wardrobe, instinctively chose my office outfit, the same as yesterday, no time to be choosy. Rush to the bathroom, open the shower tap, have a quick shower, can’t wait for the correct water temperature, a cold shower can wake me up faster. In less than 2 minutes I am dressed, pick up my keys, the coat and my bag, I am off like a shot out of the house.

Clack, clack, clack, clack… I run down the stairs, with each step I take, my high-heeled shoes make a fast hammering echo through the common stairway.

Looking at my watch, my heart beats faster, I get nervous only by the thought of my boss looking at me with his angry and threaten face warning me: I told you if you arrive late again this week,…”

Oooohhhh my goodness! I am downstairs, open with impulse the main community door, smash it behind me so hard that the door border shakes. I rush to the bus stop, last time I could catch it just by the skin of one’s teeth. I am hopeless… my watch marks 7.38am, in less than two minutes the bus is leaving, I have to be there…I can’t miss it this time.

I am walking so fast, almost running; my heart seems to take off on a high-speed. The wind is blowing furiously against my face, my legs are shaking, I am perspiring and my body is heating up, sweat is falling my temples and can’t control my breathing anymore. Please don’t get any cramp now, I am almost there, I can do it, my mind is trying to convince me. But then I see the last person getting on the bus, it can’t be true, my bus is almost leaving.

That’s my last sprint, automatically I take off my shoes, run barefoot towards it, try so hard to grab it, at the same time waving and shouting behind the bus “Heyyy waaaait, please wait” Its engine starts and its smoke is pouring out, the front door closing and instantly driving away, no chance to catch it. I am standing sweating, barefoot and disappointed next to the bus station, take a deep breath, and see how my bus disappears in between the crowded road. Again it’s too late; with the arms flag and my sad look, I witness how the bus figure vanishes in the traffic jam and morning fog.


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